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The Right Corporate Education Is Key To Growing Your Business

Updated: Jan 6

Whether you own a small business or run a Fortune 500 company, you've most likely noticed the demands of the workforce are changing.

The shift toward businesses becoming more purposeful within their own organizations, and how they interact with the world has a new calling. With word-of-mouth spreading faster than lightning, almost no industry has gone untouched by the rapid technological changes we've seen across the globe.

However, one thing hasn't changed: If you want to build and grow your business, you must have happy and engaged employees.

How Work is Changing

The Millennial generation has changed the way many organizations function internally as well as how they present themselves to the world. This generation has made it clear: they want careers filled with purpose, flexibility, a warm and welcoming work culture, innovation, and the ability to grow personally and professionally. 

However, out of all the aspirations listed above, the number one offering that Millennials want in the workforce is compelling and engaging corporate learning.

And, this generation of learners is not the only group of young people who want more learning opportunities. Generation Z, just about to hit the workforce, also want various opportunities for growth.

Also, according to LinkedIn, Generation Z is even more significant in size than the Millennial generation. There are 61 million people who will eventually enter the workforce, and they are the first group of workers who don't know a life without the Internet. 

LinkedIn noted:

Today In: Small Business76% of Gen Z professionals feel that the skills necessary in today's workforce are different from the required skills in past generations,Similarly, 91% of learning and development leaders agree that the skills for today's workforce have changed,The majority of Gen Z (59%) don't feel their job will exist in the same form 20 years from now.


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Not all-corporate education offerings are the same. When employees feel happy, engaged, seen, and valued, you can transform your workplace, and your clients will keep returning.

Providing both generations with the most engaging type of opportunities to learn and grow, while developing their skills are critical to a flourishing business today. 

However, the most critical aspect to creating this environment is finding the right framework to help guide your company when it comes to learning and professional development.

Some students like to learn at their own pace, or in small steps—while others prefer working together. Finding the right fit for each person is easy when you know what to look for and how to deliver it.

Conventional Education Does not Fit the Bill

If you offer training in the same way we've delivered traditional education for hundreds of years, you might want to think again. 

Many companies teach according to the conventional way of learning—and this experience can lead to a lack of interest, engagement, commitment, and a critical loss in creativity, happiness, and retention. 

And, all of these factors can lead to tremendous losses in revenue too.

However, it's not your fault because we have all learned in this way for years.

According to ADT, companies that offer comprehensive training programs experienced a 24% higher profit margin than those who spent less on training. 

If you want your company to bring in substantial revenue numbers, it is critical to invest in the right employee training and to provide ongoing educational opportunities. 

Create a Budget for Learning

While many business owners feel that providing solid learning opportunities can be costly, for the future workforce, it's a crucial investment.

Adding more education, learning engagements, and opportunities for growth should be a high priority on your list of benefits for employees.

What is the right framework for keeping employees happy and engaged with such different demands? We'll dive into that over the next month.

Don't lose top talent and financial resources due to a lack of education. 

Please come back next week as I begin to share some of the easiest ways to keep your employees interested and engaged at work. Learn how to find and apply the right framework for your growing list of learners.

See your clients return, enjoy your happy employees, and watch revenue streams rise when you deliver the right educational opportunities for your employees.

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