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Welcome to School of Corporate Affairs (SOCA)


It is our great pleasure to announce the laying of the foundation stone of our upcoming educational institution named ‘School of Corporate Affairs’ (SOCA) in India. Founded as an institution of the highest order to produce Responsible and Ethical Professionals, who can take sustainable business decisions keeping in mind the interests of all stakeholders. 


Now more than ever, we have a great responsibility to assist, guide and educate young people, students, educators and researchers to be ethical and socially responsible. The challenge, however, for those who teach and train is to undergo a radical rethink about what and how we teach young people to enable them to emerge as thought leaders and global citizens, equipped with the skills and knowledge to protect the environment, advance cultures, progress history and preserve the human ecology.


Part of many problems institutions of higher education face in ethics education, particularly in developing nations, is not a lack of awareness of the need for ethics, but rather the lack of adequate and required resources, skills and content towards integrating the discipline of ethics in management and in the classroom. In today’s world, more and more attention is given to the critical role of higher education institutions in fostering students to not only be well educated but also to be values-driven, as global citizens and as leaders. 


The School of Corporate Affairs (SOCA) is the foundation for Ethics in Corporate Affairs. The school is to impart education through its programs in Corporate Governance, Ethics, Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Communication and Public Relations. The school is home for academics and research and supports free and critical thinking across all disciplines, offering endless opportunities to learn about corporate life and its affairs.


Such knowledge contains the ingredients of ethics, which is the discipline, process and action of thinking the right thing, of doing the right thing and of living justly. The ethical rationale is the knowledge base of what we learn for life, which has relevance in actions. Here lies a great potential for positive and sustainable change for humanity in the 21st century, confronted by challenges that come from social, environmental, technological, economic, cultural and political upheavals globally.


Education for the 21st century must assist and lead the student to learn to be human, free and responsible with the ability to think, innovate, create and decide his or her own destiny. The teacher has the duty to guide the student to know how to acquire knowledge that is not mere information but knowledge that is reflected upon, offering essential insights needed for effective living. 


We at School of Corporate Affairs (SOCA) feel higher education institutions are bearers and catalysts for integral development and social mobility, which provide opportunities for the many, regardless of gender or social standing, to address the complex issues of society with broad values founded on ethics. 


The foundation of the School of Corporate Affairs (SOCA) is laid to ensure that we abide by the highest ethical standards and we build an ethos on our campus, among teachers, students and administrators, which inspires trust, credibility and hard work. The future of humanity rests on some critical key points, one of which is that there can be no sustainable development universally if there are no ethical values integrated across sectors and built within the education industry at all levels, which is beyond cultures, religions and ideologies.

With warm regards

Amit Sachdeva

Founder & President

School of Corporate Affairs (SOCA)

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School of Corporate Affairs (SOCA)

Ethics .Sustainability .Social Responsibility

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